World Class Dance – The Competitive Professionals

Training with an International world ranked couple who have competed throughout Europe and the United States and amassed an impressive list of wins gives our students a competitive edge for their performances. Competitive ballroom starts by learning the core elements of ballroom dance such as technique, poise, the frame, timing, body alignment and shape, floor craft, foot and leg action and presentation, just to name a few and progresses to eye-catching routines choreographed uniquely for each dance couple. Our teachers help students assess their ability, set goals and use their unique personalities to develop these goals. You don’t have to be an advanced ballroom dancer to participate in ballroom dance competitions. You can start competing even as a beginner. Most dancesport competitions have events for newcomers who have never competed before.

In the United States, most competitions are divided into professional, amateur, professional/amateur(Pro-Am) and Collegiate dance teams.

PROFESSIONALS have engaged in intensive, advanced training, usually starting at an early age and have completed successfully nationally and internationally. Many continue to compete and perform throughout their lives in addition to becoming teachers, judges, coaches, artistic directors and choreographers for other dancers. Professional dancers are artists and athletes and the world of professional dance is an extreme sport.

AMATEURS are competitive couples that compete for their own satisfaction are not financially rewarded at the level of professionals.. For amateur ballroom dancers, dance is not just a hobby but a demanding lifestyle of training, practicing, and conditioning for performances and competitions. Many amateur dancers are couples but many are two individuals that are passionate about dancing.

PRO-AM competition involves an amateur student dancing with a professional dancer similar to what you see on “Dancing With The Stars”. At the competition, only the amateur is judged while the professional assists the student to present themselves well and dance their best. There are different age groups and skill categories based on the student’s skill and experience. This allows the professional to dance with students from beginner to advanced levels.

COLLEGIATE DANCE TEAMS are clubs or teams of college students that have an interest in ballroom dancing. Although many of these groups focus on learning to dance well and have fun socially, many teams hold competitions and invite other teams to participate. Most of these competitions use the same rules as amateur competitions.

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