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World Class Ballroom was founded by Riccardo Pacini and Sonia Spadoni, an Internationally ranked dance couple started in 2003.

Riccardo and Sonia both started dancing when they were 6 years old. They have both trained with some of the most prestigious coaches in the world. In 2002, they started dancing together at the Junior Open Gold level in Italy.
After only 1 year of partnership, they achieved 1st place at the Italian Open Championship in Latin and the Combined 10 Dance competition. Riccardo and Sonia also placed second at the Standard Open Championship. Two years later, in 2004 they began to compete internationally. By 2006, they were ranked 2nd in the world. That same year they placed second in the under 21 category at the World 10 Dance Championship in Platja d’Aro Spain. Finally, after a successful career at the Junior and Under 21 levels, Riccardo and Sonia began competing in the more challenging Adult category. After entering this challenging Adult category, Riccardo and Sonia placed second at the Italian Open Champion in both Standard and Latin in 2008. They also placed second in the Italian Open Championship both Standard and Latin as well as reaching the finals in many prestigious competitions around Europe.

2010 was an exciting year for Riccardo and Sonia. They placed second in the Italian Open Combined 10 Dance Championship and opened their own studio in Rome.

Three years later, in 2013 Riccardo and Sonia placed in the top three in some of the most prestigious competitions around the world:

  • The Disney Cup in Paris, France
  • The UK Open, the German Open Championship
  • 2nd at the World Latin Show Dance Championship
  • The next year, 2014, they won the Italian Open Championship in Latin dance style.

That same year they decided to move to USA. In the United States, they achieved great results competing in the Professional Division.

1st Place Virginia State, New Jersey State, Maryland Dance Championship, Commonwealth Classic, Heritage Classic, Michigan Dance Challenge, Cincinnati Dance Challenge, Maryland Dance Championship, Yuletide Ball and Philadelphia Dance Sport.

The amateur students they have trained and competed with in Pro/Am competitions have garnered numerous first place, wall of fame and best teacher awards.

They currently reside in Virginia Beach and work as professional dance instructors, choreographers, adjudicators and coaches to professional competitive dancers and college dance teams throughout the mid-Atlantic.

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